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What is it, how it works and why Sanoplasma

RIFETECH Ltd. has developed a new experimental device Sanoplasma, based on the researches of a genial scientist and microbiologist Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. This unique method of contactless transmission of frequencies was developed by R. R. Rife already in the 30´s of the 20th century and was rediscovered a few years ago. Currently, there are only a few producers of similar devices of different qualities worldwide. Sanoplasma also offers the function of measuring the effective "hit" frequencies to make high effective therapeutic programs. Sanoplasma transmits very precise frequencies to devitalize pathogenic microorganisms - the real cause of most physical and mental problems. The plasma bulb generates electric field strong enough to hit even a large parasites!

what is sanoplasma

What is SanoplasmaExperimental device

Sanoplasma delivers very precise frequencies to devitalize pathogenis microorganisms - the real cause of most physical and mental problems. The plasma bulb generates electric field strong enough to hit even a large parasites.

how sanoplasma works

How Sanoplasma worksDestroys pathogens selectively

After determining the precise frequencies of pathogenic microorganisms follows their targeted destruction by Sanoplasma. Each microorganism is characterized by a certain frequency. Delivering this frequency into the pathogen causes resonance leading into destruction of the pathogen.

Sanoplasma parametres

Sanoplasma featuresModern and original

▪   Lightweight (5 kg) and compactness
▪   Measuring effective frequencies
▪   Power regulation
▪   High intensity of the effective electric field
▪   Plasma tube cover
▪   Adjustable height of the bulb
▪   Technical reliability


Thanks to contribution of the best

Sanoplasma is a completely original version of frequency generator in terms of characteristic of the emitted signal. It is the result of intensive work of electroengineers. It was a long way full of complications. The aim of our Company was to develop an affordable device with output strong enough to impact pathogenic microorganisms. Our clients' references confirm that we have reached our goal. Sanoplasma´s outputted field ensures penetration without using of potentially harmful carrier frequencies.

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Thanks to long-term intensive work

We dare to say that Sanoplasma represents one of the best devices of its kind. Its development preceded many years of intensive daily work with thousands of clients in the field of frequency therapy and practice with many competing devices. Our goal was to include all the advantages of similar devices into Sanoplasma and avoid the disadvantages such as high price, weight, unwieldiness, narrow frequency range, no biofeedback, failures etc ...).

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1 Hz - kHz
frequency range
lamp working hours
electric field intensity

Sanoplasma from RIFETECH

The newest and the most advanced experimental device that eliminates physical and mental difficulties by contactless liquidation of microorgamisms


References and customers experience

What customers say and what is their experience with us?

On the recommendation of my former wife, I began to commute on Sanoplasma therapies. After only three visits my long-term problems (fatigue) caused by Lyme significantly improved. I feel myself again.

MJ, Strakonice

I had a long-term health problems, with which the doctors couldn´t help, in the end with me there was an overall physical and mental collapse. On the recommendation I tryed Sanoplasma and after several sessions some of my health problems really relieved and I got rid of some of it completely. Thank you and recommend you everyone.

Gabriela Stefanova, Brno Actress

For about three years, I faces worsening fatigue and brain fog and also gradual deterioration of eyesight. Undergone number of expert examinations, but without any obvious results, and my condition continued to get worse. Then I fortunately learned about Sanoplasma and the very first session helped me. It seems like a miracle, and I look forward to continue improving my health. Thank you very much again.

Dita Minarikova, Suchdol


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